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Welcome to

Virtual FFS

The Virtual Facial Feminisation Website


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I've created this site to help you plan your facial feminisation surgery.


What I Do:

1. I assess your face and explain what makes it look masculine.

2. I explain which surgical procedures are likely to make your face more feminine.

3. I alter photographs of your face in Photoshop to show you how the surgery is likely to look.


How To Use this Service:

1. Read through the What To Send Me page.

2. Email the photos and information I need to virtualffs@btopenworld.com.

3. I might ask you to retake the pictures if they are not quite usable, and I might ask for some additional information, but once I have everything I need, I will send you a link to the checkout and tell you when you can expect to receive the enhanced pictures and assessment.


How Much Does it Cost?

To see my prices, just click on my Prices & Checkout page.


More About Me and Virtual FFS:

I am not associated with any particular surgeon and I can give you a professional and completely independent opinion on your needs.

The website itself has detailed information on the differences between male and female faces and the techniques used in facial feminisation surgery. In fact, the website now runs to more than 35,000 words! Which includes a 10,000 word thesis based on my 12 years of experience feminising more than a thousand faces and my independent research into facial gender.

My research, based on averaged male and female faces like the ones shown above (these are called prototypes) has redefined facial feminisation: I am the first researcher to publish a reliable method for judging the height of the hairline using my "Lipuhai rule". I have also established the "Box rule" and "Bronochi rule" to allow patients and surgeons to assess chin height more reliably.

I have also overturned many common misconceptions about facial gender. For example: I have shown that male hairlines are actually lower in the middle than female hairlines; that female eyebrows are not higher than male eyebrows in the way that many assume and I have shown that wide jaws are not necessarily masculine.

You can read all this research freely in my thesis and throughout the website. I hope it will help you understand your own needs and feel more confident during consultations with surgeons. I also hope it will help surgeons better understand the key differences between male and female faces so that they can achieve more natural results for their patients and avoid putting them through unnecessary procedures.


I do not have a payment button anymore. Instead, once I have all the pictures and information I need from you, I will email you a link to the payment page.

Have a look at my new page of testimonials. Thanks to all who have contributed so far :-)

Have a look at the hair and hairline page to learn about my new "Goldilocks Zone" rule.

Also have a look at the "Common Misconceptions" page of my thesis to see a new idea about why we see male hairlines as higher, even when they are lower.


I will be doing more free co-consultations with Facial Team in the next few months:

3 October, Milan, Italy

17/18 November, London, UK

To book your appointment email Facial Team:



I will probably be at all these consultations but it sometimes depends on how many bookings there are.

You get 2 independent opinions on your FFS needs - one from me, and one from Dr Simon or Dr Capitán of Facial Team. I will also take some pictures of you and show you some of the possibilities with Photoshop (I show you the changes for free - you only pay if you want to have copies of the pictures to keep).

Although I am happy to work with the Facial Team surgeons and find that we have very similar approaches to facial feminisation and ethics, I remain independent from them and give a second opinion during the consultations. If I disagree with them on any aspect of your case, I will say so.

Site updated on 28 July, 2016


If you quote anything from my website or my thesis, please credit the source - thank you. Do not use any pictures from the site without my permission.


If you are interested in the science of gender dysphoria, I highly recommend a website called Cakeworld. It includes links to hundreds of scientific articles covering everything from brain-sex, to genes, to treatment outcomes.


I Support Water Aid. Please click on the link for more information about this important charity and please note: I receive nothing for hosting the link.